“Looming low and ominous in twilight premature Thunderheads are rumbling in a distant overture”

-Neil Peart


Twister Tales

One of nature’s most destructive and misunderstood weather phenomenon is center stage; tornado myths are tackled heads-on, and not always with the answers you might expect. A journey through the record books documents stories of incredible power, odd happenings and the randomness of luck within a tornadic storm. It’s a great read for ages 12 to adult. Order yours now:

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Weather Wits
& Science Snickers

"Weather Wits" uses corny jokes and cool science facts together so that the reader will laugh and learn at the same time.  Teachers and parents alike have shared success stories of the giggles kids got while reading it, and also their high retention of the material. Adults who enjoy silly humor will also find it a fun read!

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Question Quest: Student Workbook

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A 2-volume workbook set was developed after WWSS was published to mold the topics into 18 teachable lessons. This is a consumable workbook.

Question Quest Lesson Guide

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The parent/teacher portion of the workbook set; both workbooks should be ordered together with the parent Weather Wits and Science Snickers book for either homeschool or public education settings.

Steve LaNore, CBM

Author and Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Texas Associated Press "Best Weathercast 2014"

Steve is an award-winning author and Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology and is a Texas A&M graduate. He lives in Sherman, TX where he is the Chief Meteorologist at CBS affiliate KXII-TV.

He says, “I’m probably rather typical compared to other meteorologists in my love for weather; most of my friends in the business are also fascinated with storms, the sky, and maps! For me, the underlying science is exciting and engaging, and that’s why I write. My hope is to encourage an interest in our natural world, and to keep myths and misunderstandings away from the mix. But, science can also be fun as I hope kids discover in Weather Wits & Science Snickers."

LaNore says he wrote the “Twister Tales” book to reach a more mature audience (middle school to adult). He finds meteorological myths frustrating and weather history intriguing, so the mission was to “write about both in the book."


  • Texas Associated Press “Best Weathercast”, 2014 (awarded April 2015)
  • National Federation of Press Women, Best Children’s Non-Fiction Book for “Weather Wits and Science Snickers”, 2013
  • Mom’s Choice Award for “Weather Wits and Science Snickers”, 2013
  • AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) approval, 2010
  • Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters (OAB) Best Weathercast, 2009
  • OAB Best Weathercast 2008
  • OAB Best Weathercast 2006

What People are Saying

Got the book for Christmas. I read it in 2 days, loved it!

- Rachel, Atlanta, GA

Twister Tales is an information-packed book in an easy to read and understand format. As a former Geography teacher I was surprised how much I still had to learn about one of nature’s most feared and interesting challenges.

– Dana, Durant, OK

I ordered 13 copies of Twister Tales: Unraveling Tornado Myths….. they were distributed to my elementary campus librarians.

Rhonda, Rockwall, TX ISD

I read it in one day; I started it earlier this afternoon and I couldn't put it down.

- Tanya, Minot ND