Certified Broadcast Meteorologist and author of "Weather Wits and Science Snickers"

Welcome to my little corner of the Web.

I built this site to share my book with you, and to tell you a little more about me. Please check it out... I welcome all comments/questions if they are constructive.

I am the Chief Meteorologist at KXII-TV in Sherman, TX and worked in several large TV markets including Austin and San Antonio before settling in Texoma in 2006.



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Why a Weatherman?

I would have probably been voted least likely to be on TV in my high school class if they had taken a poll, so I'm not "On TV" because I'm a camera hog. The TV work can be interesting and I love drawing maps and forecasting, but I'd just as soon wear jeans and an untucked shirt over a suit. Well at least my wife makes sure everything matches and that's a plus!

Winding up on TV was an accident for me, but it's been an interesting path. I'm grateful for the opportunities it offers and I understand the responsibility involved too. After all, severe weather is bad news, and everyone is affected by the weather 24/7/365.

 Tornado near Denver, Colorado / 2009

Steve LaNore